The goal of Foolproof Vegan is to make vegan cooking easy. Really easy. No, easier than that. The goal here is to make recipes that are (wait for it)… foolproof.
To that end, each recipe offered must follow these rules:

1) Recipes must be easy to make.
I mean, that’s literally the whole point of this.

2) Recipes must be easy to memorize.
No one should be tied to a recipe book or left trying to scroll through a website with coconut oil on their index finger. We want recipes that you can screw tightly into your brain and call them up whenever the desires arises, without coming back here. (But please come back here for other recipes!)

3) Recipes must be easy to customize.
Because that’s the fun of all cooking, but especially vegan cooking. We’re not here to make food for me, we’re here to make food for you, so you should be cooking it you-style.

And one more thing about Foolproof Vegan recipes: they’ll all be at the top of the damn page. No scrolling through a narrative adventure or 200 pictures of perfectly-plated foodstuffs before you get to what you came for. Here, the recipes come first.